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Abscondita | Arti Applicate was founded in Rome, Italy in 2021 by Aldo Frasca and Gabriele Frasca.

Aldo has been a collector and dealer of antiques and decorative arts since the '80s and he's been an independent consultant for several auction houses.

Gabriele has grown up surrounded by art and developed a strong passion for it. After a professional experience as an assistant in many contemporary art galleries in Milan, he decided to come back to Rome and continue on with the family passion and business.

"Abscondita" means "the hidden thing". What's forgotten and then brought back to a new life

Our aim is to sensitize collectors of every age to a secret and collateral history of art, usually considered as "minor" in distinction to the "fine arts"

Instead, applied arts - because of their funcional and decorative aspect - bring beauty and an intimate enjoyment in the private space of everyone's home

The gallery develops a research on italian applied arts of the twentieth century, with the purpose of rediscovering the value of historical italian designers and craftmanship

The focus is especially on Murano glass manufacturers - such as Venini, Seguso and Barovier - decorative and artistic ceramics and modern lighting

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